Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Be Yourself

Over at The 13 Arts Blog the Challenge is "Let's take a Selfie". I was inspired by a Donna Downey Inspiration Wednesday and I decided to go a slightly different route with the challenge.

I started out by editing my selfie photo using the threshold function. I then added in a quote by Coco Chanel. I printed this out and cut my stencil out using a wood burner. I did not get the quote into my stencil because it was just too small and too tedious to cut by hand.

My background is a mix of Distress Paint, Gesso, Paint markers, and water.

I then used watered down black acrylic paint in a spray bottle to spray the stencil.

I added in the quote with a black paint marker. I decided that the background was too busy to see the quote so I smeared in some white gesso while the marker was still wet creating the grey area you see. After this was dry I added the quote back in and went around the box with some paint markers. I also added in a bit more doodling.

So that is my Selfie page and a little reminder to be me. As always thanks so much for stopping by!

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