Sunday, August 17, 2014

Up-cycled Gift Bag

I have an upcoming wedding to attend where the bride requested that the gifts be left unwrapped for environmental/green reasons. If you know me it is hard for me not to wrap something. I know it is not good to waste all of that paper and ribbon, but it is just so pretty. So I came up with another idea - a gift bag made from old grocery bags. This way I am up-cycling and she can reuse the bag for her groceries later.  

I followed this you tube video to create the plastic bag material. A few tips:  iron from the inside to the outside edges of the folded bag this will help get all of the air bubbles out, always keep your iron moving, be sure to heat each side equally, and set your iron to a low to medium heat - take your time with this step it will make a big difference when you go to sew the bags together.

Next I trimmed the fused bags so they had pretty straight edges. I then started sewing. I made 5 patchwork rectangles, a front and back, 2 sides, and 1 bottom. I then decided to jazz the bag up a bit. I die cut out flowers using 3 fused white plastic bags and the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die. I added color to the flowers with various Alcohol Inks. I then fused the flowers to my 5 bag parts using Heat-n-Bond.

Lastly I sewed the bag together. I followed this you tube tutorial. My dimensions of the panels were a bit larger. And that is it a fun up-cycled reusable gift bag. I am submitting this to the Craft Hoarders Anonymous Up-cycle Challenge. As always thank you for stopping by and I hope I have inspired you to get out those old grocery bags.

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  1. Oh, now that is upcycling! And such a great idea, and a wonderful blue color! Thanks so much for joining us at Craft Hoarders Anonymous!