Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Gears Keep Turning

I am still trying hard to branch out into new areas. Today's adventure was painting a figure. Please be kind as this is my first attempt at doing so. I tried to follow the wonderful teachings of Mindy Lacefield over at Tim Sally. She is an amazing instructor and I was pleasantly happy with my end result.

I did not take photos along the way and probably should have so you can really see how many layers are on this page. There is Dylusions Spray inks, a napkin, tissue tape, tissue wrap, lots of journal writing, some stenciling, stamping, pearlescent ink, and of course many layers of acrylic paint.

Since I covered up most of the journaling, I will give you a brief idea of what the page is about. I have quite a bit going on these days and I find it hard for my head to stop thinking. The gears just keep turning from one thought to another, hence the stamped gears everywhere. This will fit right into the Unruly Paper Arts Gears Challenge.

Thank you very much for stopping by and going on my newest adventure with me.


  1. Stacy, as always, your art is both beautiful and inspiring

  2. Love it Stacy!! I would say you are for sure out of your box!! great job!!

  3. Looks great Stacy, I can see those gears turning!

  4. Stacy ... she is very whimsical and I love the sort of puzzled look she has as she is looking at the flower. It's like she's waiting for the flower to tell her a story