Thursday, May 24, 2012

Still up in the clouds

This past weekend I had the chance to take 4 classes from the wonderfully talented Tim Holtz at an equally wonderful place Absolutely Everything. I have now made it back home and back to reality, but I can't seem to get my head out of the clouds. I am still so very excited to have had the experience to learn from a master and to have met so many great people.
Here is a picture of Tim and myself. I really had no idea what to expect as this was my first time taking the classes, but Tim took the time to take pictures and sign anything you wanted him to sign. In the classes he walked around the room and spent time with everyone. Now for my projects created form the classes.
This is my Metal Heart in a Box. I just loved this class and the metal techniques. I am planning on using the techniques for a few future projects - like am art journal cover and a paper mache torso.
The Patchwork Pandemonium was just that. This was a fun fast moving class with lots of techniques on each square. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and again have some future projects planned using the patchwork techniques.
The second days classes started with the Travel Tag Journal. I am planning on using this for an upcoming vacation and will share my finished pages for this at a later date. All of the pages have been inked and stamped with some embellishments on them - they just need pictures and some more ephemera from the upcoming trip.
The last class was a Charmed Necklace class. I decided from the beginning not to put my necklace together. I wanted to use my charms on other pieces of art work and projects. The charms were so fun to make and I was very happy with how they turned out.

So that is the end of my projects. A big , huge thank you to Tim, Mario, and Heather for a wonderful learning experience. Also a big thank you to everyone at Absolutely Everything for organizing and making everything run so very smoothly. Thank you to my fellow All Things Tim group members for sharing ideas, meals, gas, trinkets, and laughter. Thank you to Marjie and Ivette for my pins - they are still on my apron. I think I am done with my speech - sorry to go on and on, but so many great moments over the weekend and I just had to say thank you.
So thanks for stopping by and reading this far. If you ever get an opportunity to take a Tim Holtz class jump at it and if you are ever in the Topsfield MA. area Absolutely Everything is worth the stop.


  1. It was wonderful to meet you at AE!! It was such a great experience and I hope we all get to do it again soon! :)

  2. I'm so happy I got to finally meet you Stacy! It was a great weekend. I love how you tilted your heart in the first project. It looks great like that. Hope you can come back soon!

  3. Hi Stacy, with envy I look at all your wonderful projects. I am so happy for you to have had such a great time!

  4. So great meeting you, Stacy! Your projects look awesome... I really love seeing all our individual spins on these. I ended up getting a kit for the necklace class and can't wait to start putting my charms together. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I'm counting down the days until they get here (late August)-I am only doing 2 classes and see that you did one -Metal Heart in a box-my other class is called Configuration of Your Imagination and I know its gonna be fast paced :):) LOVE how all yours look and I am drooling just thinking about how cool it's gonna be. I have seen Tim before and you are correct, he NEVER disappoints his fans. He, Mario and Heather work super hard to make it magical.