Monday, April 30, 2012

Thin Magnetic Die Storage

I do not have many of the thin magnetic dies - to be exact I have 2. However, I am a planner and like to have things organized and I know I want or need more of these. So I decided to create a Thin Dies book for storage before I accumulated too many.

I cut chip board cardboard pieces measuring 6" x 12" and then covered them with paper for my covers and pages. I then took cut 3 magnetic strips, 2 are 1/2" wide and the middle one is 3/4"wide. I placed my dies on the 3 strips to get the correct spacing and then adhered the strips to the page. One thing I learned was do not get the really thin magnetic tape as it does not hold the dies. You can use the thicker magnetic tape or I bought a sheet of magnetic material and just cut strips. I then simply punched 4 holes in the pages and covers and used 7 Gypsies Cable Rings as my binding. This was a really simple and easy solution.

Thanks for stopping by and happy organizing!

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