Monday, March 26, 2012

Enchanted Place Card Holder

Happy Monday to everyone! I spent the weekend getting ready for my upcoming overnight weekend retreat. I decided to have an enchanted forest theme this year. So going with the theme I have created these enchanting place card holders.

I purchased very inexpensive votive holders at a local craft supply place and then added some sparkle to the tops of them using Hercules Tape and glitter.

Next step was the mossy bottom. I simply cut a 3 inch circle out of dark green cardstock, and adhered the votive to this using foam tape. Then I hot glued some Spanish moss to the card stock. I found the Spanish Moss in the floral section of my local craft store.

What is an enchanted Forest with out a sparkly butterfly and some roses? The butterfly was created using wire to shape the butterfly. I then adhered several layers of tissue paper to the wire using Modge Podge. On the last layer of tissue paper I added some color by carefully smooshing around drops of Fired Brick, Broken China, and Peeled Paint Distress Reinkers and added sparkle by sprinkling on glitter over the wet Modge Podge. After letting them dry overnight I cut out the butterflies and adhered them to the votive.

The roses were made using Tim Holtz's Tattered Pine Cone Die. You can see a video here of how to make these roses. My only hint is to dampen your paper slightly with either plain old water or Perfect Pearls Mist (if you want sparkle) before you start to roll and shape your rose. The dampened paper makes it a bit more pliable and much easier to shape in my opinion.

The last step was to add the place card holder. I used small foam colored balls (also found in the floral section) to fill the votive with. To hold the place card I used a Tim Holtz Memo Pin. I also made some tissue paper mushrooms, because you can't have an enchanted forest without colorful mushrooms. The mushrooms will be used for a fun prize game I have planned.

So thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an Enchanted Day!

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  1. Stacy,
    Your guests are going to be thrilled to receive this beautiful piece of imaginative art. Thank you for the tip in making the roses!