Friday, February 24, 2012

Wearable Art

This week over at Studio L3 the Grungy Monday Challenge was a definite challenge for me. The task was to create wearable art using Tim Holtz's products. I have never ever created a piece of jewelry, clothing, hairpiece, ect... I did remember seeing a post from a wonderful artist who created a bracelet out of Grungeboard. You can see Sarah's Grungeboard bracelet here. I really liked Sarah's bracelet, but wanted mine to be my style. I really like the look of multiple brackets and charm bracelets. So with inspiration and much courage I started in and created this.

I did not have any Grungeboard so I used Grungepaper. First I cut a strip of grunge paper 3/4" wide by 8" long. Then I cut 1/4" strips out of the strip of grungepaper. I did not cut all the way through to the 2 ends so the the strips were still connected.

Next I added some texture using Tim Holtz's Cracked Texture Fade.

 I wanted a dark leather look, so I used Black Soot and Vintage Photo Distress Stains. First I used the Black Soot to cover both sides of the grungepaper strip. I dried this with my heat gun and then added the Vintage Photo. Before the Vintage Photo had time to dry completely I wiped some of the ink off with an old t-shirt. The Vintage Photo color was wiped off of the raised areas giving it even more dimension. I then added several layers of Rangers Glue 'n' Seal to prevent the ink form coming off.

Next step was the closure. I did not have Tim Holtz's hitch fastener and neither did any of the local stores. I did find some metal snaps that I thought would work. The silver on the snap really did not look right to me so I used Alcohol Ink in Copper and Black to colorize the snap.

Next step was the charms. I used Tim Holzt's Charmclips to make some fun typewriter style charms. To do this I printed out a sheet with the word LOVE in the typewriter style font. Then I used glossy accents to glue the charm down  and to fill in the charms.

Next step was to put the charms on the bracelet. This was the easy part. I used Tim Holtz's jump rings to attach all of the charms.

After all was said and done I am very happy with my first ever wearable art piece. I may even be ready to create another one! 


  1. This is SUPER cool!!!!! I love all the detail you did on this piece!!!

  2. Sarah, your bracelet is wonderful! I love the custom epoxy charms and how you've hung all the charms from the different strips. Great design!

  3. This is really lovely, I also really like the way you have presented your project very clear and easy to follow x

  4. This is incredible! Such a fantastic idea! And wonderfully done!!
    Nat -x-