Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Long overdue Christmas Present

I made quite a few Christmas presents this year and unfortunately my husband's present was a bit neglected. He has been asking me to make him a piece to hang on his wall at work. After much deliberation about what to do I decided to make a canvas piece about his most prized possession, his motorcycle. So I started this project a week before Christmas and did not get it done in time to give it to him for Christmas. I just finished it. I guess better late than never!

The background had to match the motorcycle so I used Silver, Pearlescent Blue, and Pearl Turquoise Lumiere Paints. I painted the colors very randomly onto the canvas. After they were dry I used black acrylic paint mixed with a paint retarder so the paint would dry slower and applied this in sections onto the canvas. I then used the end of a paint brush handle to write in motorcycle phrases before the black was dry, exposing the blue and silver paint beneath it.  I am entering this in the Gingersnap Creations Words of Wisdom Challenge. These words may not apply to everyone, but who doesn't like phrases like "Keep you Knees in the Breeze" and "Two wheels move the Soul"

The photos on the canvas are done using various transfer methods. Two are transferred onto canvas, the large middle picture is transferred onto packing tape, and the other pictures are just mounted onto mat board.

The metal on the piece is recycled aluminum cans. I simply cut the several cans up so I had a flat sheets of metal. I than ran the metal through Tim Holtz Gadget Gears Die. My initial plan was to distress the gears, but after distressing one and looking at one shiny one I decides the shiny metal looked better. the frame around the middle picture is just strips of the aluminum run through Tim Holtz's texture Fade Cracked. I did sand down the raised portion of the embossed metal to add a bit more grunge to it. In the corners I added Tim Holtz's Idealogy Sprocket Gears.

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  1. What a fabulous piece! Love all the great elements! Thanks for joining us at Gingersnap Creations.