Monday, February 20, 2012

Crackle results

Last week I was experimenting with crackle on metal and found that if you apply crackle directly to metal it does not stick after it is dry. You can see the original crackled card here.

I belong to a wonderful on-line yahoo group called All Things Tim where it was suggested that I try using Gesso or Ranger's Glue 'n' Seal. I had some time to experiment with both of these. First cutting 2 squares of metal, embossing them with the Retro Circles Texture Fade, and then inking them up with Alcohol inks. I then applied Transparent Gesso to one and Ranger's Glue 'n' Seal to the other. I let this dry then added a layer of the Rock Candy Crackle. Both the Gesso and the Glue 'n' Seal worked, the Crackle no longer chipped off. The results were slightly different looking. The Geso did dull the finish of the inked up metal, but the crackle made it shine again. The crackle looks a bit like sugar on the Glue 'n' Seal piece. You can see affect of both below. The Gesso one is on the left and the Glue 'n' Seal piece on the right.

So happy Crackling everyone!


  1. Woooowww...
    Thanks Stacy for sharing us your results.
    I will try those on the righ (with Glue 'n Seal)!!!
    Hugs and Creativity

  2. Interesting contrast. Thanks for sharing the comparison pics!